Video: How to set mountain bike suspension sag

For mountain bike suspension to work best, it needs to be correctly calibrated for the rider's weight and their intended riding style. In this video, Steve Bowman goes through the process of setting sag on the fork and shock for cross-country and marathon bikes.


The only tool you will need to set the sag on an air fork and shock is a shock pump.


Fox usually recommend 15-20% sag on their short travel 32 model forks for a plush feel. Steve, however, has found that more race-minded South African riders often prefer a firmer feel. This is why he suggests a 10 mm fork sag measurement in the instructional video.


Christofison, Mar 14 2017 11:18

Have I been doing it wrong this whole time? Sure 10mm on a rear shock that only has a ±40mm stroke should get you to a good starting point. For the fork, Fox recommends 25% and some Fox equiped bikes come recommend with 15-20%, but 10mm on a 100mm fork seems really harsh.


Also, isn't it better not to be in the seated position when measuring the sag, so you can more evenly distribute your weight front-back. That also puts you closer to the position you're going to be in when you're bombing down a hill or through something technical, which is when you really wan't your suspension to be working optimally.

NicoBoshoff, Mar 14 2017 12:16

If everyone wasn't k@kking themselves on the Argus thread this would have been the place to be.  So much of the fail.

AlanD, Mar 14 2017 03:58

This is not the best instructional video I have seen on sag setup. There is also no mention that you should be in full kit when setting the sag. Why do they have scenes of people riding bikes during a instructional video???