Basso announce the Volta ebike

Press Release

Since its inception Basso has been dedicated to improving the cycling experience by creating a better ride quality. For nearly 40 years the company’s expertise and energy concentrated on creating this exceptional ride feeling for road riding and road racing specifically. With the introduction of the PALTA cyclists were no longer confined to the asphalt but could enjoy the performance and excellent ride quality of a Basso over any variety of terrain. Expanding the playground for cyclists searching for the ultimate ride experience proved to be an overwhelming success. Expanding the audience is the next step and it goes by the name of VOLTA.

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The joy of cycling atop a Basso is quite similar to the joy derived from driving... it’s all about the ride quality... which is made up of equal parts handling, reactivity, speed, comfort and control. The Palta was engineered to incorporate that same excellent ride quality, without compromise, to cover surfaces of all types, thus allowing cyclist to ride better, riding Basso, anywhere. Taking that performance oriented yet extremely versatile Palta platform and adding a powerful electric motor brings Basso ride quality to an even larger audience. The Volta brings #ridebetterridebasso capability not only for anywhere but for anyone. This is not your average, relaxed, take it easy e-bike but rather a performance platform fully capable of adapting to all situations.


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Add watts or add volts, it’s still cycling and it has never been this fun or for such a wide audience. The Volta adds electric power pedal assist to a platform capable of offering the best in terms of ride quality in any situation. The extremely sophisticated Polini motor has the power to flatten even the steepest climb, its 500Wh battery ensures that the extra boost is available on even the longest rides. Go big or go home, if you want assistance it should be powerful, a push, not a nudge. The Volta packs the power and durability to go hard and go long at the same time.




Average bikes have average motors, Basso bikes pack the heat. The Volta’s motor boasts one of the best power to weight ratios in the industry (2.8kg motor) and it has one of the strongest VERIFIED torque outputs in existence. (70Nm) The 250 watt (500watt max output) motor coupled with long range battery is capable of offering significant assistance for up to 220km, more than enough to keep going strong for those long days in the saddle.


The frame design of the Volta resembles the Palta not only in form but also in function. Handmade, just like the Palta and with the same premium carbon, it is designed to mimic as closely as possible the performance of its muscle powered sibling. The Volta shares a similar geometry as well, ensuring a comfortable yet performance- minded stance. However, as the electronic assist platform produces an entirely different demand on the frame a different internal structure and layup pattern were necessary. The engineering staff sought to develop the lightest structure that could guarantee the same Basso reliability for which the Italian brand has been well-known throughout its history. Considering its off-road capabilities in addition to the extreme forces that derive from the Polini motor a total system weight of 16,5kg makes for an engineering feat in its own right.





Additionally, keeping weight relatively low adds an extra level of versatility as the VOLTA need not be ridden entirely with additional power support, thus allowing the rider to choose when and how to ride. It’s an e-bike when you want it to be, but not, when you don’t. It is Palta, with an E, for added versatility. Add watts or add volts, it’s still cycling and it has never been this fun or for such a wide audience. Not only does the new Volta add power to the most versatile platform in the history of Basso but it makes it even more versatile. V for versatile, V for Volta, the platform that easily adapts that it is better described as three bikes in one. With road tires the Volta is a force to be reckoned with on the asphalt, offering the same great handling, maneuverability and reactivity as is customary with Basso’s race-winning road offerings. A simple change of tires and that on-road speed-demon becomes an all-road adventure machine. Quickly add carriage racks thanks to the Volta’s threaded bolt.... and your daily commute either just got a lot faster or a lot easier...or both.




Local Availability and Pricing


The Basso Volta will be limited to the Apex 1 Gravel build in South Africa. The Apex 1 build will retail for R115,000 with a carbon wheelset and R95,000 with an alloy wheelset. Contact Bike Mob for enquires.


Kom, Oct 01 2020 05:35

I think Basso have missed the boat on this one. Aesthetically the battery looks like an after thought for starters, why they wanted 220km of range to drive weight of the bike to 16,5kgs means this bike is not easily human-propelled when the battery is dead. I think specialized took a lot of learnings from ~9yrs of ebike product experience, and got it 101% right with the creo which is cheaper and better supported with their dealer network (from personal experience an ebike needs it). There is no doubt that next gen battery technology is only going to make these bikes more stealthy and a pleasure to ride with or without motor assistance. The basso looks like it’s has ignored these trends all together.