Canyon reacts to broken handlebar incident

On Tuesday, 2 March, at one of the opening classic races "Le Samyn", a part of the handlebar of our Alpecin-Fenix pro Mathieu van der Poel (NED) quite obviously broke off during the race. Experts from the Canyon development and quality management departments immediately began analysis and testing to understand the cause of this incident. The affected cockpits (CP0018 and CP0015) are only installed on the current Aeroad models CF SLX and CFR. The Aeroad CF SL model is not in any way affected by this issue.

Canyon Aeroad Dropbar Issue PM _header.jpg


"Mathieu fortunately did not fall. We want to ensure with absolute certainty that no one comes to harm before we have fully understood the root cause" says Roman Arnold, founder of Canyon Bicycles. Canyon is therefore informing all affected Aeroad customers and asking them to stop using their bike for the time being.


"We are doing everything we can to equip the affected Aeroad models as quickly as possible with a cockpit that meets both our and our customers' demands for total quality and safety," emphasises Armin Landgraf, CEO of Canyon Bicycles.


It has also already been decided that all professional teams will switch to alternative bikes with immediate effect. Until further notice, the pro sport athletes will be using the previous model of Aeroad or the current Ultimate.


thisismyotherbike, Mar 05 2021 07:18

What a nightmare for Canyon. This bike's release was delayed for months; now it seems it has serious flaws in both seatpost and STI clamp design.

When do you issue a recall? You can't ask customers to stay off their bikes for too long.

Kom, Mar 05 2021 02:58

Canyon officials have ascertained that MvdP was exerting 1.2kw of energy at the time, and have blamed the sheer strength of the rider as the cause of the break ... 


My bet is that there was a small design flaw in the drop accentuated by an STI over torqued.

Pure Savage, Mar 07 2021 07:32

Think admin should link the Bikehub thread in the related articles...