Niner Bikes introduce race-ready RKT 9 RDO

From the race track to everyday singletrack, the RKT 9 RDO is made to fly. Our completely new frame design will have you rethinking what is possible on a short-travel, race-ready full suspension 29er.



The RKT 9 RDO is intended to do one thing very well—fly. All stops were pulled to create the most efficient full suspension race-worthy short travel sled. The frame is constructed using our RDO Carbon Compaction technology, which utilizes highly resilient fibers to provide front and rear triangles that are incredibly lightweight and durable. Punish it on daylong epics and be amazed—it will keep coming back for more despite its featherweight feel.




Our patented CVA linkage design allows for pedal forces to operate independently of rear wheel travel, providing every ounce of the rider’s hard-earned energy a clear path to the pedals, and after extensive testing, our engineers optimized the linkage and bearings to produce the lightest, stiffest version of CVA to date. No detail was overlooked.


The new CVA linkage relies on meticulously forged and elegantly finished aluminium alloy. Combined with increased bearing diameters, the revolutionized construction better resists lateral deflection and prolongs bearing life without adding weight to the system.


A 73MM PF30 BB provides compatibility with the latest 1x and more conventional multiple ring drivetrain configurations and can be adapted to a threaded bottom bracket via adaptors. Frame sizes medium and larger have water bottle mounts on both the underside of the down tube and within the front triangle allowing for ample hydration during longer marathon-style endurance events. When the racing gets rough, the frame finds protection behind titanium frame plates which guard against the potential of a dropped chain, while clear protective decals add impact resistance to common rock-strike and high- abuse areas.


Boasting 90mm of incredibly efficient rear travel, the new RKT 9 RDO frameset weighs a mere 4.5 lbs yet it delivers the same stiffness as the JET 9 RDO. Designed with input from our world class athletes, the bike features a race inspired fit that positions the rider lower in the front end thanks to a new svelte top tube and shorter head tube.


The RKT’s 439mm chainstay length provides the perfect balance of acceleration, climbing traction and the ability to carve up the racetrack. The RKT is the first Niner to feature Boost 148mm x 12mm rear spacing and has clearance for up to 2.4” tires. This feature allows for a wider spoke interface and an overall stiffer wheel and swingarm combo, enabling you to confidently maintain line selection in the roughest conditions.


The new RKT is built with boost spacing resulting in a stiffer and more robust rear triangle. Wheels with the wider 148 x 12mm hubs also have wider spoke triangulation yielding a combination that provides more positive power transfer and a snappy feel accelerating out of corners.


Designed around racing performance, the RKT achieves the lowest standover height of any bike in our line up. This low standover height allows the bike to be leaned further to tackle tight corners and switchbacks, and delivers a truly nimble, race-ready ride.




Models and specification:

5-Star XTR 1X - R136,499.00

Niner RKT 9 RDO 5-Star XTR 1x.jpg

4-Star X01-RS1 - R107,799.00

Niner RKT 9 RDO 4-Star X01-RS1.jpg


4-Star X01 Fox - R96,299.00

Niner RKT 9 RDO 4-Star X01 Fox.jpg


3-Star XT 1X - R78,999.00

Niner RKT 9 RDO 3-Star XT 1X.jpg


3-Star XT 2X - R81,899.00

Niner RKT 9 RDO 3-Star XT 2X.jpg


2-Star GX1 - R64,699.00

Niner RKT 9 RDO 2-Star GX1.jpg


RKT 9 RDO frame only: R43,399.00




Key features:

  • Carbon full suspension Niner RDO Carbon Compaction System for the ultimate in strength and reliabilty
  • 90mm of patented CVA suspension is efficient in every chainring
  • Optimized for 100mm forks (also compatible with 120mm forks)
  • Tuned for CVA – FOX Float DPS Factory rear shock with 3 position remote lever
  • Internal cable routing for a clean setup that is Di2 ready
  • Custom forged 6066 alloy suspension linkage is light and stiff
  • Boost 148mm x 12mm rear spacing
Niner RKT 9 RDO geometry.jpg


Tech specs:

  • 73mm PF30 BB
  • PF30 BB is adaptable to threaded BB via adaptors (sold separately)
  • Shock size: 165 x 38mm (6.5 X 1.5”) - 90mm travel (3.5”)
  • Shock mounting hardware: 21.84 X m8
  • Shock sag: 25% (which will move the o-ring 9.5mm down the shaft)
  • 30.9 seat post, 370mm recommended
  • Internal and external dropper post compatible
  • 34.9 seat collar
  • S3/ low direct mount front derailleur
  • 1.125” X 1.5” tapered integrated (campy style) head tube, headset included, Cane Creek description: is42/28.6 Is52/40
  • Sealed cartridge Enduro Max black oxide bearings: (8x) 26x17x5
  • Boost 148 x 12mm rear spacing
  • Medium, large, xl have one bottle mount under down tube and one bottle mount inside triangle, s and xs have one bottle mount inside triangle
  • Titanium frame guards
  • Can fit up to a 2.4” Tire (tire sizes vary by brand, some tires may not fit)
  • SRAM recommended 2x boost chain rings: 26/39t or lower
  • SRAM 1x boost max chain ring clearance: 38t, 168mm Q factor
  • Shimano XT m8000 boost recommended 2x chain rings: 28/40t or lower
  • Shimano XTR m9020 boost recommended 1x chain ring: 38t or lower


UpShift_Cycles, Sep 30 2015 04:44

Taking a page from Spez?

IH8MUD, Sep 30 2015 04:52

Honey !!!  Now where did  I put that R136 499.00?? 

mikeonthetown, Sep 30 2015 05:08

Love everything except for the hanging cables from the rear shock, looks like it could get caught on your foot, probably never would but it would be at the back of my mind.

Captain Fastbastard Mayhem, Sep 30 2015 05:11

I reckon the best option is the XT 1X fox jobbie. Still have the FIT4 fork. Sell the crest wheels, and grab some light bicycle carbon hoops with the leftover cash.

Still has the top level suspension. Swap the XT brakes out for guide RSC and you have a KICKASS bike.

And it looks hot as

ChUkKy, Sep 30 2015 06:39

Crisis our Rand is royally shite!!!!

Spez247, Sep 30 2015 07:06

Have to agree with ChUkKy... It's not Niner's fault that we choose to work for Rands... Looks like a sorted bike.

raptor-22, Sep 30 2015 07:15

sigh more toys I can't justify the spend on :(

Hairy, Sep 30 2015 07:37

Up shift,you lost me with your comment?

karma, Sep 30 2015 07:52

Taking a page from Spez?

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rouxtjie, Sep 30 2015 09:44

Cheese and rice that be nice

Puncture Kid, Sep 30 2015 11:51

Geez now I have a boner.... But the pivot is very much like the VPP from SCruz. Only inside out

Gnarly, Oct 01 2015 05:44

She's a real beauty, ain't she.

Wayne Potgieter, Oct 01 2015 06:06

I think its ugly as fek.

(I am going to keep telling myself this until i believe it)

rouxtjie, Oct 01 2015 06:47

I think its ugly as fek.

(I am going to keep telling myself this until i believe it)

doesnt work, I tried....if anything is becomes prettier

Eldron, Oct 01 2015 06:55

Must not sell kidneys. Must not sell kidneys. Maybe 1. And an appendix I'm not using.

Shebeen, Oct 01 2015 07:39

What does RKT stand for, Rand Kiss This?

It's days like these I wish I hadn't married a teacher!

raptor-22, Oct 01 2015 07:50

Rkt = rocket.... You know.... Faster than a jet...

CAAD4, Oct 01 2015 07:51


Odinson, Oct 01 2015 07:52

Must not sell kidneys. Must not sell kidneys. Maybe 1. And an appendix I'm not using.


Who buys an appendix?

raptor-22, Oct 01 2015 07:53

Someone who forgot to say something but ran out of space

V12man, Oct 01 2015 08:10

One bottle cage???? someone dropped the ball there for a longhaul bike....

Izak, Oct 01 2015 08:25

Always been a niner fan this takes a step away from their usual design though...dunno if I like it...yet ;)

Eldron, Oct 01 2015 08:42

Who buys an appendix?


The world is a strange place - recently a danish dude was keeping girlie bits in his fridge... I figure there must be someone who thinks eating an appendix will make their manhood larger/give them xray vision and/or allow them to fly.

Niner SA, Oct 01 2015 09:20

Cheese and rice that be nice

Thanks, Rouxtjie. We rather happy with the RKT too :D

Niner SA, Oct 01 2015 09:22

One bottle cage???? someone dropped the ball there for a longhaul bike....

No crank, pivot, cable, shifter or ball dropped :) When designing the bike the consideration of 2 bottle cages was taken, but when tested and the over all look looked at, the feeling was that 1 bottle was far better. We tend to agree ;)

Fortunately, you get seat post after market bottle cages now days for some of the more thirsty riders