Ryder introduce the Slug Plug tubeless tyre repair capsule

South African accessory brand Ryder has launched an ultra-compact and safe capsule system for trail-side tubeless tyre repairs called Slug Plug.

Ryder Slug Plug studio 1.JPG


The Slug Plug is an all-in-one tyre plug solution. The "applicator" has a hard plastic handle with a stainless steel tooltip with a cover that is made of the same material as the handle. Included in the package are ten slugs, five thin and five thick (1.5mm and 3.5mm-thick) slugs to close different sized holes. The slugs are stored in an included envelope to keep them clean, and you can pre-load one into the tool and keep it safe with the cap in place.


Ryder Slug Plug studio 2.JPG


There are clear signs that some serious thought has gone into the design. When loaded and folded back into place the slugs are longer than the needle so there’s always a little extra sitting above the handle’s tip to avoid losing the slug in the tyre. Two grooves on either side let the plug nest into place. By having the slug extend like this, Ryder has built in a "stopper" that ensures there's always enough sticking out to seal the hole even when pushed all the way in.


There's also a built-in valve core remover at the end of the handle in case you need to add a bit more sealant or need a tool to remove a sticky core.


The recommended retail price for a single Slug Plug unit is R90.


Ryder Slug Plug studio 3.JPG


Slug Plug Features:

  • Pre-loadable
  • Seals to keep dust and debris out preventing plug contamination
  • Presta valve remover
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Optimized needle length with plug catcher


Iwan's Initial Impressions

We received some early samples of the Slug Plug at Omnico's media and dealer day in September and I've (thankfully) been riding with it ever since. On my way back from the morning school run, I managed to get a nail through my tyre riding past roadworks.


I had a slug pre-loaded so only needed to pull it out and stick it into the tyre. Once the hole was plugged, I used a 16g CO2 bomb to re-inflate the tyre which it did at first attempt. I used a second can to get the tyre a satisfactory pressure. I only had to check tyre pressure when I arrived home to confirm a correct tyre pressure for a longer trail ride. I've been riding with the plug in since and the tyre has remained inflated.


Ryder Slug Plug.jpg

Ryder Slug Plug-2.jpg

Ryder Slug Plug-3.jpg

I really like the Slug Plugs compact size and the ability to ride with a slug pre-loaded, meaning that I can leave the remaining slugs at home on rides where I only carry the bare essentials. The cap seals well enough to keep dirt and muck out of the applicator - ready for emergency use.


Here's a handy How-To video



AmRider, Nov 14 2018 06:10

I like this, a lot!

Grease_Monkey, Nov 14 2018 07:27

Hard to justify the price of something like DynaPlug now. Well done Ryder.

Vetplant, Nov 14 2018 07:36

Nice, gonna get myself one of those for sure.

Schnavel, Nov 14 2018 08:57

Will these be available at the 947 expo?


Would love to grab one.

Hairy, Nov 14 2018 09:05

I like, and a really competitive price. 

MphatiPyga, Nov 14 2018 09:12

Very nice, have already ordered 2

Eddy Gordo, Nov 14 2018 09:34

I have the other Ryder plug kit. Its great!

Ronnykhosa, Nov 14 2018 09:45

And can these work on road tubbies?...lol

Ascension, Nov 14 2018 09:54

It should have a cap with a spike on both ends, then 2 plugs can be pre-loaded. This is very useful if you want to have different sized plugs.

Ferro, Nov 14 2018 10:29

I like this and the price is right. Well done. Definite buy.

ByronH, Nov 14 2018 10:41

Very nice, have already ordered 2

Where did you order, would love  to as well!

ByronH, Nov 14 2018 10:48

Are any LBS's in Johannesburg stocking these yet?

Kenneth, Nov 14 2018 10:52

Anyone know who in Joburg has stock of these?

BigToe, Nov 14 2018 11:00

Yes Midstream Cycles has them

Nick, Nov 14 2018 11:02

Are any LBS's in Johannesburg stocking these yet?


These shops should be able to help: https://omnico.co.za/dealers/

babse, Nov 14 2018 12:02


Grey Hubs, Nov 14 2018 12:10


DieselnDust, Nov 14 2018 02:47

brilliant little tool. Easily the best unit on the market and cheap as chips

scotty, Nov 14 2018 02:51

Looks to be well thought out and designed, like the idea of valve core remover addition. 

Mongoose!, Nov 14 2018 04:12

very nice!

DirtyDan, Nov 14 2018 06:11

Only 1 plug though... The number of times I pinch flat and need 2. One for the rim-side hole and another for the middle of the tread hole...

Think there's enough space in the cap to stash another "slug"? 

wildwindfr, Nov 14 2018 09:05

Think I need this. Simple and wont break the bank. Nice!

AmRider, Nov 15 2018 06:08

Only 1 plug though... The number of times I pinch flat and need 2. One for the rim-side hole and another for the middle of the tread hole...

Think there's enough space in the cap to stash another "slug"? 

I would make the handle a screw top ,hollow, and store more slugs inside

dirtypot, Nov 15 2018 09:18

I got mine yesterday - nice bit of kit!  Comes with a little pouch with replacement slugs (tyre turds) inside which makes the whole thing neat and compact.  Swapped out my old plug pack and screwdriver insertion thing in my pack - the new kit is much nicer.

MphatiPyga, Nov 15 2018 09:27

Must be very nice, no stock left at Omnico for my LBS to order