SRAM Force goes wireless with eTap AXS

SRAM today announced its Force eTap AXS groupset which features much of the technology and benefits of the Red eTap AXS system announced in February.

This means that eTap's wireless communication and electronic-assisted shifting is finally available at the Force specification level. Like with the Red drivetrain, the new Force eTap AXS brings an increased gear range with a 12-speed cassette offering fewer steps for smoother shifting. The flattop chain and Orbit clutch mechanism first used for the Red level groupset also makes its way to Force. The Force groupset will continue to be offered with 2x or 1x options as well as with hydraulic disc brakes or traditional rim brakes.


South African pricing (upgrade kits):


SRAM FORCE eTAP AXS 1X12 ROAD - R19,800.00 incl Vat
SRAM FORCE eTAP AXS 1X12 HRD FM - R23,800.00 incl Vat
SRAM FORCE eTAP AXS 2X12 ROAD - R25,400.00 incl Vat
SRAM FORCE eTAP AXS 2X12 HRD FM - R30,400.00 incl Vat


Read about the new Force eTap AXS drive system in SRAM's press release below.


SRAM Force etap AXS-39.jpg


Today’s riders are more capable than ever. So we made a groupset that fits their needs. We focused on where road is going, not simply where it’s been.


You asked. We listened. eTap is now available for Force. SRAM Force eTap AXS offers the key features of RED eTap AXS—modern gearing, advanced chain management, and easy personalization—in a more affordable package.


SRAM Force etap axs.png


Modern Gearing

Road bikes are faster and more capable than ever before, and riders are expanding what’s possible with drop bar bikes. X-Range offers wider range, more useful and smoother gear progression, as well as smarter shift settings— enabled by AXS.


Offers more range than traditional gearing. The chart below compares the Force cassette gear spread compared to traditional 11-speed cassette configurations:


SRAM Force Gear comparison.png


Super Smooth

On tarmac or gravel, 1x or 2x, eTap AXS gives a quiet, secure, and smooth ride. Thanks to the ultra-lightweight Orbit fluid damper and a unique Flattop chain, you’ll ride more confidently and efficiently than ever—no matter the terrain.


SRAM Force etap AXS-21.jpg


Flattop Chain

  • Straight-edge profile for a stronger, quieter chain
  • Greater shifting accuracy and less running noise. You will notice the difference.
Orbit Chain Management
  • Elegant and ultra-lightweight fluid damper system
  • Quieter, simpler, more efficient chain management
  • Rock-solid reliability and chain tension, for both 2x and 1x system
SRAM Force etap AXS-34.jpg
SRAM Force etap AXS-25.jpg


AXS Enabled

Control. Personalize. Monitor. AXS—SRAM’s new bike component integration system—takes eTap wireless shifting to the next level. The SRAM AXS app allows riders to see battery status, change component behaviour, personalize controls, get maintenance reminders, and update firmware.


AXS App.jpg
AXS App 1.jpg


Enhanced Shifting Modes


Sequential – Activates the next available gear using the assigned upshift and downshift buttons. Automatic actuation of the front derailleur keeps your gear ratio and pedaling cadence steady. You can still manually command a front shift.


Compensating – Smooths gear transitions. When a front gear change is performed, the rear derailleur compensates for the large change in gear ratio by shifting 1 or 2 cogs, keeping your pedaling cadence steady.


SRAM Force etap AXS-35.jpg
SRAM Force etap AXS-23.jpg


Beyond Road


AXS allows you to mix and match Road and MTB components and control a wireless RockShox Reverb seatpost from eTap AXS drop bar controls.


SRAM Force etap AXS-15.jpg



Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 10.06.13.png



SRAM Force eTap AXS components


Front Derailleur

The SRAM Force eTap AXSTM front derailleur is AXS enabled for easy personalization. The redesigned derailleur offers better rear-tire clearance—for those that explore all roads—and works perfectly with all chainring combinations. No compromises; never miss a shift.
  • AXS enabled for easy personalization
  • Elegant and streamlined form for more rear-tire clearance
  • SRAM Yaw trimless cage technology with an optimized cage profile for new SRAM RED front chainring combinations
  • Compatible with existing eTap batteries


Rear Derailleur

One rear derailleur to rule them all. The SRAM Force eTap AXS rear derailleur is designed for both 1x and 2x systems. It capitalizes on X-Range efficiency. Strong, smooth, quiet and AXS gearing technology for enhanced range and chain management and features larger pulleys for improved durability and enabled.
  • SRAM AXS enabled for easy personalization
  • Orbit chain management technology keeps drivetrain quiet and secure
  • A single rear derailleur for all gearing combinations, including 1x and 2x
  • Larger X-SYNC pulleys and steel bearings for increased durability and efficiency
  • Compatible with existing eTap batteries


Beyond an incremental improvement. The Flattop technology of the SRAM Force chain creates a lighter, quieter, stronger chain. Ride far, long and fast—this chain can go the distance.
  • Flattop technology enables a narrower chain with quieter operation and increased strength and durability
  • Hard ChromeTM plated inner link plates and rollers for reduced wear and prolonged life
  • Requires new Flattop PowerLock



Designed for the next generation of drivetrains—and the next generation of riders. The SRAM Force XG-1270 cassette is
optimized for electronic shifting and features our X-Range gearing technology. Smooth, precise shifts, from 10T on up.
  • Features at least five one-tooth jumps for a smoother gear progression
  • 10-tooth start helps provide a wider gearing range
  • Designed to work with an XDR driver body
  • MINI CLUSTER construction reduces weight and increases durability
  • Zipp wheels produced after April 2015 are XDR ready. This includes wheels with the following rear hubs: 176, 177, Super 9, and Cognition
  • Available in 10-26t, 10-28t, 10-33t
SRAM Force Cassette comparison.png


HRD Shift-Brake System

Wireless electronic shifting and hydraulic disc braking: the best of both worlds. The SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD shift-brake system integrates top technology into an efficient package and offers AXS for easy personalization.
  • AXS enabled for easy personalization
  • Simple and intuitive eTap shift logic
  • Award-winning HydroHC brake platform
  • Textured shift paddles and hoods for control and comfort
  • Personalize for your hands and preferences using Contact Point Adjustment and separate Reach Adjust
  • One port per side for Blips
  • Bleeding Edge technology for easy and clean bleeds


Shift-Brake Lever

Combining the tradition of mechanical rim brakes and the precision and efficiency of modern electronic shifting, SRAM Force eTap
shift-brake levers are fully wireless and fully personalizable. AXS Classic is now new.
  • AXS enabled for easy personalization
  • Simple and intuitive eTap shift logic
  • Customizable fit with Reach Adjust
  • One port per side for Blips
  • Large SRAM eTap paddles provide positive controls for rider input
  • For use with mechanical rim brakes


Significantly smaller, the SRAM eTap AXSTM BlipBox is now easier to integrate—mounting inside a stem faceplate cap, feed box or frame. It’s also AXS enabled, for easy personalization. Simple, intuitive, aero.
  • Replaces standard drop bar shift levers
  • Simple and intuitive eTap shift logic
  • AXS enabled for easy personalization
  • Limitless aero configurations
  • Two ports per side for Blips and Clics
  • Fits the included optional stem mount
  • Compatible with existing eTap Blips and Clics
  • Mounts inside stem faceplate cap, feed box or frame.

Force Crankset

Riders want more range and closer steps between gears—and that’s the driving design principle of the SRAM Force crankset. It offers smaller chainrings with a consistent 13-tooth gap between size variants, delivering smooth, accurate and dependable shifting for the modern rider. Always find the sweet spot.
  • X-Range gearing technology gives you more range and a smoother gear progression, so you’re always in the right gear
  • Crisp and accurate front shifts
  • DUB bottom bracket adds durability and simplicity Can be upgraded to a power meter
  • Available in 48/35t and 46/33t


Force 1 Crankset

We pioneered the 1x drivetrain, and the SRAM Force 1 crankset evolves the innovation. It’s lighter, stronger and simpler—non-aero chainrings can now be installed with a single tool. For cross, TT, tri and crits, this is the king of 1x.
  • Single-ring drivetrain simplifies functionality and reduces weight
  • 36-46t chainrings can be installed with a single tool, making gearing changes a breeze
  • SRAM X-SYNCTM wide-tooth, narrow-tooth chainring technology provides maximum chain control
  • DUB bottom bracket adds durability and simplicity
  • Can be upgraded to a power meter

Power Meter Spider

Power up. Upgrade your existing SRAM eTap AXSTM crankset to a power meter with this spider, featuring Quarq DZero technology.
  • AXS enabled for easy monitoring and firmware upgrades
  • Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ compatible
  • Power readings are accurate within +/-1.5% and aren’t affected by climate conditions during a ride
  • Measures right and left leg power balance
  • Uses a common CR2032 battery that last for 200 riding hours and changes without tools
  • Power-upgrade compatible with the following RED and Force eTap AXS cranksets: RED 1x: 36-46t, Force 1x: 36-46t, Force 2x: 46/33t, 43/58t



Fit for modern times. The updated SRAM Force brakeset pairs mechanical rim braking with our wireless Force group. The dual pivot design also accounts for eTap AXS wider road tires without compromising braking power.
  • Dual pivot design increases braking power and enhances the progressive feel
  • Wider clearance for modern tires and wheelsets (up to 28c)
  • Updated finish to match SRAM Force eTap AXS
  • Includes SwissStop pads: Platinum Flash Pro pad (carbon rims) or BHP pad (aluminium rims)


Designed specifically for road riding, the SRAM CenterLine XR (CLX-R) rotor is the perfect complement to a new SRAM eTap AXS drivetrain.
  • Streamlined form optimized for road use
  • CenterLine track offers quiet brake operation
  • Designed to match eTap AXS components
  • Rounded edges make for easier wheel installs and are UCI-compliant
SRAM Force etap AXS-33.jpg


Schnavel, Apr 03 2019 05:20

A lot more than I wished it to be, but price is inline / cheaper than Ultegra.


Looks fantastic, can't wait to see it in action and hopefully one day ride it.

babse, Apr 03 2019 09:16

Wow... That's nice 👌

I'm saving up already!

VolkAdik, Apr 03 2019 10:43

My next groupset

DieselnDust, Apr 03 2019 10:55

great tech and at a competitive price!

shaper, Apr 04 2019 08:18

Look forward to the original etap being sold off cheaply as people upgrade !!

splat, Apr 04 2019 11:09

Not cheap (but nothing really is), but will sell like hotcakes!


Kenneth, Apr 04 2019 03:35

I see the pricing is for upgrade kits. What part of the groupset is not included? 

xamnam, Apr 04 2019 06:43

Where to get stock - seems it’s already sold out

Clinton H, Apr 05 2019 09:25

I see the pricing is for upgrade kits. What part of the groupset is not included?

It looks like, no chain , no crank , no cassette , no XDR driver, no brake calipers . So add another 10 k or so !
I stand to be corrected !

Iwan Kemp, Apr 06 2019 08:49

Where to get stock - seems it’s already sold out



Iwan Kemp, Apr 06 2019 08:49

I see the pricing is for upgrade kits. What part of the groupset is not included? 


Crank, cassette, chain

mountainfun, Apr 09 2019 09:23

That chain looks weird, but if it does what they say, its revolutionary!!


Can't wait for my groupset to be totally kaput so that i can fork out on some of this cool stuff.