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Eddy Merckx AMX 1

Rolling Thunder's Photo Rolling Thunder 18 Jul 2011

I need a little bit of helpful assistance.
First of all for a bike which is on the cheaper side, how does it compare with the other bikes in the same price range?
The bike is a 2010 model, no components have been changed and it is a medium.
I thought that my google skills were pretty good but i cant work out the size is in terms of centimeters?
The bike has done about 500km's and the asking price is R8k.
The little bit of research I have done makes me think that the asking price is a little high, what would a fair price be?

javadude's Photo javadude 18 Jul 2011

I wouldn't pay R8000 for a second hand Tiagra equiped bike. The AMX1's are available brand new from Solomons for 8999, so I would probably go for that if I really wanted a Merckx. As far as the sizing goes, Eddy Merckx dont list their sizes as S, M, L, but in actual centimeters, so not much help there unfortunately.

javadude's Photo javadude 18 Jul 2011

Correction, Solomons are now selling the AMX1 for R6500 brand new:

Rolling Thunder's Photo Rolling Thunder 18 Jul 2011

Thanks for the info, i reckon the seller is not going to be chuffed with the fact that the price has dropped that much in a year.
Is this happening alot across the board with regards to trying to sell fairly new bikes 2nd hand?

G17's Photo G17 24 Jul 2011

The Merckx AMX1 has a semi-sloped frame, thus is not the same as your normal classic frame sizes.
See attached guideline for frame sizes.

I have an unused 54cm AMX1 (done 0km - listed for sale), but in classic frame sizes it would equate as 60cm (Although as mine was built for me at 6ft3, a few spacers were used to raise the bars; thus it could be lowered for a shorter rider).
As for the price, R8k is pretty good. Not sure about the Solomons special price, but nobody else is selling them for that price. One would have to enquire if the special is still valid (which I have, just awaiting response). My suspicion is they may have had that one listed on consignment from a private seller.

These really are very good bikes, and I think you would be pleasantly suprised upon viewing one.

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Ha Ha Kieran's Photo Ha Ha Kieran 24 Jul 2011

Have a look on at the Schwinn Peloton. Also a Tiagra spec but with a full carbon frame and fork for R9500.00. They are great bikes. Was my first Roadie :thumbup:

G17's Photo G17 25 Jul 2011

Just to provide the feedback provided by Solomons pertaining to the comment above, they only have one AMX1 available and it has a 42cm frame; hence the 'very special' price.
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zeabre's Photo zeabre 27 Jul 2011

Buycycle selling for R6399?

G17's Photo G17 29 Jul 2011

Buycycle selling for R6399?

No response from them at this stage to confirm what is really available, and an explanation for the price.
One needs to understand that just because products reflect on a retail website, does not mean they actually have stock etc. Most of these places wait for you to order and pay for an item, before they in-turn order the item from the agent. If there is no stock, you simply get refunded, or they try to sell you something else.
Thus, it is always worth asking them directly if they can indeed fill an order before using it as a referral.

G17's Photo G17 05 Aug 2011

A final update pertaining the Eddy Merckx AMX-1, have since revised the 'special price' that was noted by some of our forum members, to R7399 (which is still well below recommended retail; as it is clearance stock).
Like Solomons (who only had one 42cm frame), Buycycle too did not have all the size options available.

Google is not always our friend.
Simply seeing a lower price than what can found elsewhere, does not always tell the full story.
So too, just because we have the freedom to comment on matters, does not mean we have too.

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