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Deliberate hit and run in Cradle - Help ID Culprit

Furbz's Photo Furbz 20 Feb 2016

Hi All,


Was out riding with my old man this am in the Cradle - coming back from the caves near the lion park circle.


A Off White Toyota Land Cruiser 79(the really solid bakkie type) came past so close that we both got a fright and and subsequently yelled at the driver. 

The driver then slowed down, waiting for us to get close and then slammed on brakes causing my father to ride into the back of him. after this he went round the circle, flipped us the bird and drove off back in the direction he had come from.


Thankfully my father is OK. his shoulder is stiffening up from the impact and has a few bruises, cuts and scrapes.

the helmet did a damn fine job.



Factors to consider:

  • Both my Father(60) and I(28) are seasoned riders, my father being a ex XC world champ and multiple SA champ winning rider. He is also currently recovering from a broken neck. 
  • There was zero reason for the Driver to have come that close to us, and he was properly close.
  • Both of us were riding in the yellow riding lane.
  • There was no oncoming traffic and more than enough space for the Driver.
  • We both got a skrik, as such we yelled and threw our arms up in frustration. we did not however throw unnecessary hand signals.
  • When the driver was slowing down and deliberately getting in our way we yelled and i Quote "what the hell are you doing?" - it was after this the Driver deliberately hit the brakes locking up all 4 of his wheels.
  • what he did was entirely deliberate. no questions about that.
  • we have 3x independent eye witnesses who were able to assist us and ready to stand behind us in what happened.
  • we are opening up a hit and run case with the police.
  • we took pictures of the "scene" and of fathers injuries.


What we know:

  • The Number plate of vehicle is DH 00 DL GP or DH 00 GL GP. most likely DL
  • The Driver is a very Large White male dressed in Khaki clothing - i suspect he is a local farmer in the area. Barrel Bellied.


Please can anyone who knows this individual report him?

if anyone has access or is able to get this onto a social media platform to get better traction this will be greatly appreciated!

i am certain i have seen that vehicle or one similar to that in that area.


the driver could have easily killed a rider today. i cannot stand idle on this one. who's to say he won't do it again?


any help will be greatly appreciated!




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Uni's Photo Uni 20 Feb 2016

Sorry about your dad's injuries. Sounds like a case for our resident guy with contacts to look up the number pate. Hope your dad heals up soon, and you find the guy.

LOOK695's Photo LOOK695 20 Feb 2016

Stories like this make angry. Glad the your dad was not hurt more seriously. Hope that you are able to track this man and that he will be held accountable

'Dale's Photo 'Dale 20 Feb 2016

Sorrie to hear
All the best with the investigation

CJG's Photo CJG 20 Feb 2016

Glad your dads ok, shouldn't be to difficult to track this guy down. 

IceCreamMan's Photo IceCreamMan 20 Feb 2016

Go lay a charge.

Jonesy's Photo Jonesy 20 Feb 2016

Nab this **** !!!!!

Patchelicious's Photo Patchelicious 20 Feb 2016

This is messed up.

I'm going to print and stick this number plate on my handlebar and keep an eye!

HeyYou's Photo HeyYou 20 Feb 2016

Go lay a charge.


That's the one!


Lay a charge, the least that will happen is the number plate is on record for this incident.


Hope the 'old man' is OK and recovers quickly.

xcd's Photo xcd 20 Feb 2016

I'm sure cycle lab must have contacts with the authorities to help you track this driver.
I saw you guys going out this morning and was really happy to see Paul back on his bike after his neck injury
Thanks for drawing it to our attention.

nickc's Photo nickc 20 Feb 2016

Pinging hubber WATCHER - he lives in the area and maybe recognises or knows this guy?

Guy with the Ritchey's Photo Guy with the Ritchey 20 Feb 2016

I had an incident a while ago with a bakkie jut like this in the cradle. Big khaki wearing bloke who came whooshing past so close I could have reached into the cab without stretching. Have no clue how I didn't get hit. This was open stretch with zero other traffic on the road in other direction. Threw up hands and got the bird flipped back. He drove too fast for me to catch the plate.

Don't know for sure if it's the same guy but very likely. Hope you get far with this case.

MakeSpaceForTuna's Photo MakeSpaceForTuna 20 Feb 2016

South Africans in general are getting angrier and angrier by the day. This in just another example of this rage and anger coming out. Cyclist are just another easy target.

At the slightest provocation they snap, exactly what they are looking for.

Vetseun's Photo Vetseun 20 Feb 2016

Simpel Bliksem.

Lurch the stalker's Photo Lurch the stalker 20 Feb 2016

Jeez, we all go to the Cradle because of how safe it is supposed to be...


Hope your father heals up fast.

EmptyB's Photo EmptyB 20 Feb 2016

Strength to your dad and the investigation....definitely will keep an eye out for this vehicle!!

As said above, people seem to be getting more and more angry. Just another reason to be more cautious on the road where possible.