KAP sani2c communities rally together in weekend’s deluge

Press Office's Photo Press Office 09 May 2016

The sani2c community desperately rallied together over the weekend as unseasonal downpours and resultant floods that ravaged much of KwaZulu-Natal’s coastline left the KAP sani2c’s iconic floating bridge at Scottburgh Main Beach in tatters and threatened the race’s use of the iconic stage three feature just days before the start of the event which gets underway at Glencairn Farm in the Southern Drakensberg on Tuesday, 10 May.

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NGUTF's Photo NGUTF 09 May 2016

The community between Boston and Buwel also rallied together to break road side barriers to blockade the road, oh and the used rocks and burning tires too. Nice to see that the former did something positive for the event and its participants to ensure further tourism into the area

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