Excited buzz takes over Glencairn ahead of KAP sani2c main race

Press Office's Photo Press Office 11 May 2016

With two of the three events underway the race village at Glencairn Farm was abuzz with nervous excitement as some of the country’s top mountain bike stage racers prepared to set off on their Race that will take them from the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg to the breakers of Scottburgh Main Beach from 12-14 May.

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CleatsnCleavage's Photo CleatsnCleavage 14 May 2016

Total disdain forthe women's category as seen above with no results listed - even though two of the three ladies teams who podiumed in adventure are sponsored. It's just a pretence that equality exists.

RyanD's Photo RyanD 14 May 2016

HI there. The race is the race with the other days more orientated to the experience. They listed top three as you pointed out, yet once the race began the news feed included top ten. Top three women and top three mixed. I think the organizers are spot on with sticking to top three overall in trail and adventure. In my opinion the only reason sponsored teams are riding the trail and adventure is because they know they won't place in the actual race.