Swop 2018 W2W entry for your 2019 Sani2C entry?

SiriS's Photo SiriS 11 May 2018

Per title, I'm keen to do Sani2C next year, if you're interested and keen to swop for this year's Wines2Whales (will likely be the first race, previously Adventure, now Chardonnay).


PM me if you want to chat


Thanks  :thumbup:

Carmichael's Photo Carmichael 11 May 2018

if you want to sell you w2w entry I will buy it. heheh

Nick's Photo Nick 11 May 2018

Hi SiriS

Please note that the discussion forums are not the appropriate place for this advertisement.

Kindly post an Exchange advert in the events classifieds section here.

If you have any problems, please send me a message.