New BMC distributor appointed for South Africa - Abloc

In 2014 BMC Switzerland (“BMC”) was, through circumstances beyond its control, forced to establish a direct subsidiary, BMC South Africa (“BMC SA”), in South Africa to service its dealers and their customers.

It was a temporary solution. Matters stabilised and BMC SA was operational for almost 3 years. On 31 July 2017 BMC informed its dealers that it decided to revert to the traditional model of having an independent distributor and would be closing down BMC SA with effect from 30 September 2017.




Herman Bekker, managing director of BMC SA, was offered the opportunity of becoming the new exclusive distributor of BMC bicycles in South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius. His company Abloc (Pty) Limited was appointed as the distributor with effect from 1 October 2017.


Abloc will be launching its new website at soon where a number of current 2017 BMC models, along with the first 2018 BMC models which have arrived, will be available for sale. Further exciting 2018 BMC models will be arriving over the next few months.


BMC will remain responsible for all warranties in respect of its products, and Abloc will handle all warranty queries in future. Abloc’s website contains full particulars in this regard. All other queries relating to BMC products can be sent to


BMC and Abloc remain committed to supporting existing BMC customers in the South African market and will strive to further grow the BMC brand in future.


Pure Savage, Oct 16 2017 03:46

This should probably be merged with the thread regarding the change and bike shops losing licenses. :P

Shebeen, Oct 16 2017 03:51

man, that opening sentence brings more questions than answers!!

Cylon, Oct 16 2017 04:38

man, that opening sentence brings more questions than answers!!


I suspect it's a reference to the Velo Life liquidation debacle as they were the distributors at the time but perhaps others might have more insight.

Bizkit031, Oct 16 2017 05:34

Not much is going to change they are still going to be too expensive compared to other brands.

Clinton H, Oct 16 2017 05:53

When looking for a BMC how in the world would you think to go to ? Best you have some serious money for advertising.....

Vilgrim, Oct 16 2017 08:03

I really like their bikes. Hope they market themselves properly.

Ttocs, Oct 17 2017 07:36

Is this the same Herman that took away a LBS license even though they didn’t owe him a cent, let me be frank, I will never buy another BMC product while this guys is in charge.

Clinton H, Oct 17 2017 09:12

he's obviously very business orientated  , because he removes his agencies before he has a working website ....

AntonG, Oct 17 2017 09:25

smoke and mirrors

Luca Wildt, Oct 17 2017 01:48

I prefer buying a bike from a local bike shop where I will get professional advice and service, and where I can check out the bike "in the flesh". Ideally, I'd like to be able to take the bike for a test ride (not just around the parking lot).
If I do decide to buy a bike online, I'd look internationally. Pricing is usually so much better that the difference will pay for the airfare and a small holiday.